SEAFOOD-AGE project comes to an end by bringing the consortium together for the last meeting

The coordinator E.Balsa-Canto addressed to the partnership to assess the overall project development. Despite of all difficulties that have had to be overcome by the partners, the objectives have been achieved and the results are satisfactory.

She reviewed the work that remained to be done and explained that the results can still be communicated beyond the project.

SEAFOOD_AGE Final Conference celebrates in Vigo results of three years of work

Last 19th October, the SEAFOOD-AGE Final Conference took place at Pazo Los Escudos in Vigo.

Eva Balsa-Canto introduced the project to the 64 attendees who came that day.

The first speech was presented by Xosé Antón Vázquez, from the IIM-CSIC.
He explained the sustainable production of ingredients from marine resources.

Then, Rogerio Mendes (IPMA) presented the bioactivities of the ingredientes used in the project for the production of our RTE seafood.

Carmen G. Sotelo took the floor to present the formulation of the RTE seafood product.

Ina Bremenkamp (UCC) talked about the design and formulation of eco-packaging solutions for our RTE seafood product.

Marta López-Cabo presented their results obtained in their studies about quality and microbial safety in RTE seafood products.

Carmen Sotelo showed how to use DNA techniques to identify the ingredients of ready to eat food products in benefit of accurate labels.

Harri Määttä explained how to use printed electronics to develop a smart predictive label.

To finish the Technical session, Eva Balsa-Canto presented how to use predictive models to improve food quality and safety in our Smart predictive label.

In the afternoon, Juan Martín Fragueiro (OPROMAR) talked about the industrial approximation to the valorization of fish discards.

Julie Maguire from Indigo Rock Marine Research Station, Ireland presented seaweed value chains in Europe.

Manuel López, from NOTPLA, explained how their Ooho is a biodegradable solution to replace single-use plastics.

Alex Garrido-Maestu (INL) presented a ready-to-use kit for listeria dection with excelent detection capabilities.

The Industrial session finished with the copresentation of the functioning of Smart predictive labels in the real-world practice by Harri Määttä (Oamk) Finland and Eva Balsa-Canto (IIM-CSIC)

The Conference closed with a showcase of the products developed by the project:

  • Seaweed-based packaging for sauces
    Manuel López Romero, NOTPLA
  • Real-time demonstration of the smart predictive label
    Harri Määttä, Oamk and Eva Balsa-Canto, IIM-CSIC
  • Ready-to-eat seafood prepared by BENBOA
    Paco Teira, BENBOA

OPROMAR celabrates a transfer activity in Vigo with nursing homes and day care centers

Within the framework of the workpakage on Capitalization, our partner OPROMAR organized on October the 10th a tasting session to which catering companies, nursing homes and day care centers were invited.

This event, consisting of a tasting session, started with a brief presentation of the project objectives and results.

The novelty this time was that the products were prepared by Miguel Mosteiro, a cook external to the project, with experience in showcookings focused on seafood products.

This cook prepared the RTE SEAFOOD-AGE product following the formulation developed by the project partners ICTAN and BENBOA.

The attendees had the opportunity to taste the minced fish fillet enriched with microcapsules containing fish protein hydrolysates and fish oil accompanied by two different sauces.

Other formats, as fish burgers, fishballs and fish pies made from mince, were presented during the session to demonstrate the potencialities of the low-value but high quality species that are currently undervalued in the market.

At the end of the session, participants were invited by a representative from CETMAR to express their opinion about the appearance, smell and taste of the RTE SEAFOOD-AGE product.

This transfer activity allowed to get in touch and interact with a group of potential beneficiaries of the ready-to-eat product addessed to people +65.

Oamk’s publication will be presented at the ICMECE 2022

Oamk’s publication “Optimizing Power Management in Printed electronics Smart Label System” was accepted by the scientific committee of the Interdisciplinary Conference on Mechanics, Computers and Electrics ( in Barcelona on October. Our partners will be presenting the paper online at the conference.

The goal of ICMECE 2022 is to gather scientists, engineers, researchers, technicians and industrial representatives to present the cutting-edge studies on Mechanical, Computer and Electrical Systems and form an interdisciplinary academic forum to discuss the scientific and engineering issues to arrive at more complete systems for the applications of future world.

The latest news about the conference can be followed from the website at

The Conference Proceedings will be delivered via web-site just after the conference.

A demonstration video of the Seafood-Age project’s pilot chain is published on the Seafood-Age YouTube channel

We hare happy to inform all of you that a video demonstration of the Seafood-Age project pilot chain is available on the Seafood-Age project’s YouTube channel:

The aim of this video is to demonstrate the feasibility of all processes from the value chain (RTE seafood meal+packaging+labelling). Thus, the video is focused on the production chain, and laboratory developments such as bioactives assessment and methods for controlling traceability and security are not included.

Currently, the video is available in English with subtitles in English, French and Spanish, in order to be presented during activities that are taking place this week in France and Spain.  Subtitles in other languages of the project will be available soon.

OUAS presents the SPL at the 7th PrintoCent Industry Seminar – PRINSE’22 in June 8–9, 2022

Our partners from OAMK attended PRINSE22 seminar in Oulu on June 8–9, 2022, where they presented the SPL hardware functionality to more than 200 participants from more than 50 companies and organisations.

PRINSE’22 covered topics from printed intelligence to system-level reliable, sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for Future Products.

This inspiring international event hosted +200 participants around the world, while offering an excellent setting for networking and matchmaking. More than 50 industrial companies were present. To facilitate collaboration with the great experts from industry leaders, they also had an interactive Innovation Market Place and Bazaar with demos.


An online workshop is being organised in Spain on 15th of June (11:00 AM to 13:00 AM), which is being coordinated by CETMAR in collaboration with the Galicia Food & Drink Cluster (CLUSAGA), as a capitalization action of SEAFOOD-AGE project.

This event is aimed at showing to the industry the advances on the RTE food product from the SEAFOOD-AGE project, together with another project from the Atlantic Area, AHFES.  

It will be held in Spanish and Galician language.

Registration is free HERE, but needed to receive the link of the event.


The SEAFOOD-AGE project promotes the responsible consumption at the World Oceans Day!

Our partners from the IIM-CSIC took part of the «Feira do Océano» organised by their institution to celebrate the World Oceans Day.

The first edition of this Ocean Fair was celebrated on 8th of June as a scientific dissemination fair where the IIM-CSIC took to the streets to meet the citizens of Vigo.

The Fair was held throughout the day under the tents installed in the Bouzas neighborhood. In the morning, the researchers received the students of IES Beade and the schools Javier Sensat, Atlántida, Virxe do Rocío and Mestre Manuel García. And in the afternoon the workshops were opened to the general public.

With the slogan «Choose smart food» the group led by Eva Balsa-Canto showed several results of the project: the production of ingredients and food of marine origin using circular economy concepts, the use of DNA-based techniques for the identification of ingredients or an intelligent label that allows monitoring the quality of food throughout the chain.

SEAFOOD-AGE project counted with the participation of Rogelio Santos Queiruga, as guest of honor.

The well-known seafood expert Rogelio Santos Queiruga was present all day at the fair, chatting with the kids. Rogelio has been working for 27 years, out of his 45, as a sailor, fisherman and disseminator of the values of the sea and fishing. He is promoter of sustainability, science, and responsible consumption as keys to a better future and he shares the values of our project.

The media echoed the news and the regional television reported on the fair in situ.


Workshop on FOOD FOR THE ELDERLY. Opportunities to innovate faced with the challenges of well-ageing (Quimper, 16th June)

A hybrid workshop (on-site and online) is being held in France on 16th of June (4:30 PM to 6:30 PM). This workshop is being organised by TQC and Abyss ingredients, as a capitalization action of SEAFOOD-AGE project.

Target audience: food & nutrition and health nutrition companies.

Language: FRENCH

Registration: free, but an email to is needed to receive the link of the event.


  • Behaviors, preferences and dietary of the elderly, Isabelle MAITRE, Teacher-researcher, ESA Angers
  • Illustrations through 3 testimonies:

Preventing undernutrition in the elderly through food pleasure in EHPAD: approach of collaborative innovation in French Cornwall (NutriCHIC), Catherine CORRE et Martin KERVADEC, Intercommunal Hospital Center of Cornwall

Valorization of marine by-products in terms of health and well-being of the elderly (Brainbooster), Elodie BOUVRET, Abyss Ingrédients

European partnership and eco-innovative dynamics in favor of seniors food (Seafood Age), Rozenn LE VAILLANT, Technopole Quimper-Cornouaille

OAMK attending the PacTec, FoodTec & PlastExpo Nordic in Helsinki, Finland

Harri Määttä, from Oulu University of Applied Sciences Ltd., has been attending the PacTec, FoodTec & PlastExpo Nordic in Helsinki, Finland. Expo is the leading industrial event for the packaging, food and drink, and plastics industries in Northern Europe. (

He has been discussing with companies about the possibility to use technology in food value chains and packaging and also presenting the results of their work in the Seafood Age project.

The trade events for the packaging, food and drink, and plastics industries – PacTec, FoodTec and PlastExpo Nordic – has brought together industry professionals at Messukeskus in Helsinki. The event package covered the entire value chains of these industries, from design to use, and from marketing to raw materials. The graphics industry event Sign, Print & Promotion was a part of the event package, as well as. The events were co-organised with the Finnish Packaging Association, the Finnish Food and Drink Industries’ Federation and the Finnish Plastics Association.