OPROMAR celabrates a transfer activity in Vigo with nursing homes and day care centers

Within the framework of the workpakage on Capitalization, our partner OPROMAR organized on October the 10th a tasting session to which catering companies, nursing homes and day care centers were invited.

This event, consisting of a tasting session, started with a brief presentation of the project objectives and results.

The novelty this time was that the products were prepared by Miguel Mosteiro, a cook external to the project, with experience in showcookings focused on seafood products.

This cook prepared the RTE SEAFOOD-AGE product following the formulation developed by the project partners ICTAN and BENBOA.

The attendees had the opportunity to taste the minced fish fillet enriched with microcapsules containing fish protein hydrolysates and fish oil accompanied by two different sauces.

Other formats, as fish burgers, fishballs and fish pies made from mince, were presented during the session to demonstrate the potencialities of the low-value but high quality species that are currently undervalued in the market.

At the end of the session, participants were invited by a representative from CETMAR to express their opinion about the appearance, smell and taste of the RTE SEAFOOD-AGE product.

This transfer activity allowed to get in touch and interact with a group of potential beneficiaries of the ready-to-eat product addessed to people +65.