Workshop on FOOD FOR THE ELDERLY. Opportunities to innovate faced with the challenges of well-ageing (Quimper, 16th June)

A hybrid workshop (on-site and online) is being held in France on 16th of June (4:30 PM to 6:30 PM). This workshop is being organised by TQC and Abyss ingredients, as a capitalization action of SEAFOOD-AGE project.

Target audience: food & nutrition and health nutrition companies.

Language: FRENCH

Registration: free, but an email to is needed to receive the link of the event.


  • Behaviors, preferences and dietary of the elderly, Isabelle MAITRE, Teacher-researcher, ESA Angers
  • Illustrations through 3 testimonies:

Preventing undernutrition in the elderly through food pleasure in EHPAD: approach of collaborative innovation in French Cornwall (NutriCHIC), Catherine CORRE et Martin KERVADEC, Intercommunal Hospital Center of Cornwall

Valorization of marine by-products in terms of health and well-being of the elderly (Brainbooster), Elodie BOUVRET, Abyss Ingrédients

European partnership and eco-innovative dynamics in favor of seniors food (Seafood Age), Rozenn LE VAILLANT, Technopole Quimper-Cornouaille