2015-23-09. Oulu. Prinlab promotional photo. Photo : Jussi Tuokkola

Oulu University of Applied Sciences (OUAS) is the biggest engineering educator in northern-Finland with the student population of 9000 students. OUAS works very closely with the municipal authorities and with the strong IT industry in the region (15000 employees).  

Of the six study programs in engineering, the Department of Information Technology deals with education and research related to software and hardware design and engineering, embedded systems, mobile and wireless communications and applications, IoT applications, web-design and printed intelligence. 

One of the spearhead expertise at OUAS is PrinLab laboratory. PrinLab offers Printed Intelligence (also known as Printed Electronics) design, manufacturing and test services to support R&D work. PrinLab and its crew also participates in national and international multidisciplinary development projects as well as in educational matters.  

Among OUAS’s trusted partners are e.g. VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, next to the University of Oulu. With the mentioned partners OUAS has collaborated and invested in printed intelligence and manufacturing, being currently the most advanced cluster in the topic in Finland. 

The concept of their work is called PrintoCent. 

Staff involved:
-Harri Määttä
-Tomi Tuomaalan

Oulu University of Applied Sciences