Indigo Rock Marine Research at the “Seaweed around the clock” event

Our Irish partners are giving a presentation at “Seaweed around the clock” on the 2nd June and will be also part of the “Irish booth”.

About Event

The Marine Institute, Bord Iascaigh Mhara and DAFM are sponsoring a virtual booth for Ireland at the global online Seaweed Around the Clock event.

Seaweed Around the Clock is the second edition of the largest global seaweed event uniting people and businesses of all backgrounds in order to talk about the growing seaweed industry.

It will be all about raising awareness, showcasing innovations and funding organic seaweed farming. The objective: with the support of the non-profit Seaweed First, the aim is to raise funds in order to support sustainable seaweed projects globally during the first 24h Seaweed Telethon.

The booth/platform is open from June 1st until July 2nd. The event itself takes place over 24 hours on June 2nd, with a showcase of Irish stakeholders from 3-4pm.

Further information about the event can be found here: where free register for the event is open. Last year there were >5,000 attendees for a 16 hour live streamed event. This year it will be held for 24 hours and will have a virtual platform, like a conference which will allow:

  • Watch live debates, keynotes, cooking & fashion shows
  • Click & Meet ! Connect from June 2nd to July 1st
  • Explore Exhibition Hall and poster presentations
  • Support organic seaweed projects through a donation platform