Seafood-Age 4th Project Meeting & 1st Training Session

4th Project Meeting

The fourth project meeting (18M) was celebrated via videoconference on the 3rd of November 2020. Thirty-three participants followed the presentations and participated in the discussions.

In the morning, the technical packages were addressed, while transversal topics were discussed after lunch.

Interesting progresses were presented in this meeting after one year and half of collaborative work, being rewarding to see that the different aspects of the RTE product are taking shape despite the restrictions to access the labs.

The 1st training session went successfully virtual on 4th November

Even though this kind of action was supposed to be face-to-face in order to get familiar with techniques and processes that take place at a lab or pilot scale, the partners involved were successful preparing very comprehensible and high quality home-made audiovisuals.

Researchers from IIM-CSIC presented the production of ingredients. IPMA showed the different methods to assess the bioactivity of ingredients. ICTAN explained the production of the RTE product, INL presented a demonstration of the microbial kit and IRMRS screened a video about the seaweed culture and harvest.