OPROMAR is a producer’s organization (PO) that gathers 18 trawlers, 15 longliners and 2 purse-seine vessels that operate in all oceans. OPROMAR has a long experience assessing discards, transforming them into ingredients and supplying them to different industries.

OPROMAR has also experience in developing and managing projects at European level in coordination with partners of many other countries as iSeas project (LIFE) and FARFISH project (H2020).

It hosts a pilot plant to valorise marine biomasses suitable for the development of pilot actions. In the framework of the SEAFOOD-AGE project, OPROMAR will also provide with discards and mince for the production of ingredients for the elaboration of RTE seafood products.

Staff involved:
-Juan C. Martín Fragueiro
-Francisco Teijeira González
-Yolanda Pousada Ferradas

Organización de Productores de Pesca Fresca del Puerto y Ría de Marín