Indigo Rock Marine Research Station (IRMRS) has established itself as a provider of marine research with global recognition for its work and has forged a reputation in project delivery. Our research focuses on aquaculture husbandry, macro & micro-algal research, Harmful Algal Bloom forecasting, minimising waste in aquaculture and environmental monitoring. We have in situ seaweed and sea urchin farms, and land-based lumpfish, sea urchin kelp hatcheries.

IRMRS is located on the shores of Bantry Bay, in the southwest of Ireland, an ideal location for marine research activities in the North Atlantic Area. Bantry Bay has a great maritime history, from Napoleonic naval invasions to harbouring the Royal Navy’s North Atlantic fleet, a deep-water port for oil tankers and sheltering respite for Europe’s fishing fleet in heavy weather. Our accessibility to the local pristine and dynamic ecosystems of Bantry Bay also make this a superb location for marine research and development activities.

Staff involved:
-Julie Maguire
-Mick Mackey
-Gavin Burnell
-Silvia Blanco
-Jennifer Hurley

Indigo Rock Marine Research Station